FAQ & Help

bachmaier® Account 

How do I create an account?

To create a bachmaier Shop account, click on 'Register' on the homepage. Your email address is required for registration. Only one access is possible per email address. 


How do I change my password? 

You can change your password at any time. Click on 'Sign in' and 'Forgot password'. Enter your email address and click 'Confirm'. You will receive an email and can assign a new password.


Where can I find my customer data? 

You can find your personal data as well as your order history in your customer account.


What are the benefits of logging in? 

Once you are logged in, you will see real prices as well as discounts and special prices in the shop. Your address information will be automatically transferred to the order forms for otoplastics, hearing protection, and in-ears.


Can I change my company data myself?? 

This is currently not possible. Please contact us with your change request by email at office@bachmaier.de.


How can I cancel my bachmaier® account?

Feel free to send us an email at office@bachmaier.de - we will take care of it.

bachmaier® Support

How can I reach bachmaier?

You can reach us Monday through Thursday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and Fridays from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm by phone at +49 8652 655320, via WhatsApp Business at +49 170 984 0291, or by email at office@bachmaier.de or support@bachmaier.de.


Where can I find the current production times?

You can find the current production times on the 'Production Times' button on every page. The times indicate the maximum required time and are updated daily.


What should I do with the scan files? 

Please send us your scan file preferably in STL or ASC format with the presetting 'normal smoothing'. Please use the designated online form for this purpose. We can process data from the following devices: Smartoptics, 3Shape, Otoscan direct ear scanner, Sivantos iScan (both generations).


Where can I get image and video material for my marketing activities?

You can find all approved materials that may be used in our marketing portal.


What quality standards does bachmaier follow and what certifications are there?

We have our own protected bachmaier products and exclusive licenses. To ensure that our products meet all requirements, we are tested according to the international standard DIN EN ISO 9001/12.2000 and DIN EN ISO 13485 and work according to the guidelines of the Medical Devices Act. The products of the bachmaier® Customfit hearing protection series are certified according to EN 352 and can also be worn in the workplace according to PSA Regulation (EU) 2016/425.


Is a warranty provided?

We provide the following warranties: 3 months for custom-made otoplastics, 12 months for noise and hearing protection otoplastics, and 3 years for HEAROS in-ears. Improper handling is excluded from the warranty. The legal warranty conditions apply to all commercial products.


How can I file a complaint?

Please use our complaint form for a complaint or rectification of a custom-made product. So that we can better process your complaint, you can upload up to five photos. The return of the otoplasty is therefore unnecessary. Important: For a second complaint, we need a new impression.

Order & Payment

 What payment methods are accepted?

  1. Payment by monthly invoice payable within 14 days.
  2. When paying by direct debit, we grant a 2% discount. Swiss CHF invoices are excluded from this.
  3. PayPal (only for accessory orders)

For orders with a value of €500 or more, we reserve the right to issue a pro forma invoice.


How do I pay with PayPal?

When paying with PayPal, you will be redirected to the PayPal website to complete your payment. Log in here with your PayPal username and password and review the information on the PayPal website before confirming the payment.


What is a promotional code and how can I use it?     

We occasionally offer discounts or promotions through promotional codes for specific items or periods. If you want to purchase an item with a promotional code, you can enter and redeem it in the shopping cart under 'Promotional Code'.


Can I change the payment method for my order?

No, once the processing of your order begins in our online shop, you cannot change the payment method.


What are the shipping costs? 

We ship accessories and otoplastics separately. 


Earmolds shipping costs:

  1. Within Germany: €6.95
  2. Within the EU: from €8.95
  3. Switzerland: 20.50 CHF (customs clearance included) 

Accessory shipping costs:

  1. Within Germany
    a.    Value of goods less than €250: €6.95€20.50 (customs clearance included)
    b.    Value of goods €250 or more: Free
  2. Within the EU
    a.    Value of goods less than €500: €8.95
    b.    Value of goods €500 or more: Free
  3. Switzerland
    €20.50 (customs clearance included)
  4. United Kingdom
    €15 (customs clearance included)

Shipping to other countries will be charged separately.


What is the delivery time?

Earmolds delivery time:

We deliver as quickly as possible. The delivery time within Germany, Austria, and Switzerland is usually 24 to 48 hours.


Accessory delivery time:

We usually dispatch all items in stock on the same day if your order is received by 1:00 pm.


How is the merchandise delivered?

Merchandise is shipped and delivered by UPS from Monday to Friday.


Is express service offered?

Yes, for an additional charge of €15.50 / 18.90 CHF, custom-made orders can be produced and shipped within 24 hours. If your order is urgent, we offer express delivery by the next day (12 noon) within Germany. For express delivery with UPS, we charge an additional €14.50 - please contact our office at +49 8652 655320 in this case.


I am based in Switzerland. What should I consider regarding import and customs?

Shipments from bachmaier to Switzerland:

We handle the processing and customs fees of your shipment.


Shipments from Switzerland to bachmaier:

Your package must include a pro forma invoice in triplicate. If the pro forma invoice is incomplete or missing, your package will be rejected at customs and returned to the sender. Return from customs to Switzerland can take up to 4 weeks.


Can I cancel an order? 

Earmold Cancellation:

Once the order has been put into production and a digital shape file is available, cancellation of the order is no longer possible.

Accessory Cancellation:

If your merchandise has not yet been shipped, cancellation is possible. Please contact us as soon as possible by phone at +49 8652 655320 in both cases.


Can I modify an order?

If you would like to add or modify something to your order, please contact us immediately at +49 8652 655320. Please understand that we may not be able to make changes after a certain point, for example, if the merchandise is already packed and ready for shipment.


Can I return a product?

Custom-made products cannot be returned. However, we offer free repairs within the warranty period. Original packaged accessory orders can be returned, for example, in case of a misorder.


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