bachmaier® comm


bachmaier® comm is a monitor system for speech transmission that sits discreetly in the ear canal. With this product, the supervisor is always in your ear and you can concentrate 100% on the job. Available in binaural or monaural. This in-ear monitor system is suitable for moderation, motor sports and security applications.

// Wideband BA driver
// Robust T2 plug-in connector
// Selection of different hearing protection filters
// incl. wax protection
// binaural or monaural available

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bachmaier® comm. Hear what you cannot see.

The bachmaier® comm monitor system enables the clear transmission of information and instructions with maximum speech intelligibility. Thanks to its compact design, it sits unobtrusively and barely visible in the ear canal. The 196 Ohm driver technology guarantees precise speech reproduction, even in noisy environments. The product also offers cerumen protection and a sealed T2 plug connection that is resistant to welding and corrosion. The earpiece has a filter hole into which filters from our work series such as work alpha, work I, work II, work III and closure can be integrated.

SNR Value

23 - 32


nicht linear





thermo-flex (PU | semi-gloss)

rigid (acrylic 3D | polished)


work alpha, work I, work II, work III and sealing


Wideband BA driver


+ Color marking L123456789 R123456789

+ Desired laser engraving max. 11 signs


Estron Linum G2 BaX T2 BAX 3.5 mm jack

Depending on your preference, the cable can run over the ear or downwards.


bachmaier® comm




easy to insert and remove, durable, dirt-repellent, easy to clean, break-resistant

Directive 93/42/EEC (medical device class IIa)

Clear as crystal.

This highly transparent material is processed energy-efficiently using direct 3D printing and is characterised by high stability and excellent UV resistance. Earmoulds made from light-curing 3D acrylate have a high elongation at break and do not become brittle. They are robust, particularly easy to care for and fulfil the highest aesthetic demands. Available in three colours. All rigid earmoulds are ground, compacted and polished to a high gloss in our 3-stage vibratory grinding process. The homogeneous surface treatment is a process that is coordinated in detail, because it is only through the right setting and the perfect "recipe" that our extremely break-resistant earmoulds with dirt-repellent surfaces and a brilliant high-gloss finish are created. The validated and standardised vibratory finishing process ensures a reproducible precision finish with a high surface quality for every single earmould.



natural feel, permanently elastic, robust, very skin-friendly

60 Shore A (final hardness)

guideline 93/42/EWG (medical device class IIa)

As smooth as silk.

This premium material is rigid at room temperature and becomes soft and flexible when worn in the ear. As the material adapts perfectly to the ear canal in this way, a natural wearing sensation is guaranteed and pressure pain, e.g. when moving the jaw, is a problem of the past. Thanks to these permanently elastic, flexible properties, polyurethane earmolds are characterized by a very high level of long-term wearing comfort. Its resistance to UV light (no discoloration) and high tear resistance make it an extremely robust material with a long service life. Our thermo-flexible PU is biocompatible and contains no monomers. This makes it not only skin-friendly, but also suitable for sensitive ears and allergies. Available in two colors.

Colors shell

transparent thermo-flex
transparent thermo-flex
black thermo-flex
black thermo-flex



Cerumen protection

Protects the earmold from contamination by cerumen.

Wideband BA driver

This driver with 196 ohms ensures precise speech reproduction, thus ensuring maximum clarity.

T2 plug-in connector

This sealed connector system (IPX7 protection rating) is sweat and corrosion resistant. It is characterized by a high lifespan and connects the cable absolutely reliably to the earpiece - accidental disconnection is thus excluded. The compact design of this connector technology also enables the extremely small and inconspicuous design of the bachmaier® comm.

work Filter

The earpiece is equipped with a filter bore. A filter from our work series is integrated into this bore.

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