ISOtunes Ultracomm Aware + bachmaier® plugs


The ISOtunes ULTRACOMM Aware is the world's first Bluetooth-enabled in-ear hearing protection with a detachable boom microphone for clear conversations in noisy environments. Aware™ level-sensing technology allows workers to speak directly to each other while hearing ambient noise without the risk of damaging their hearing. As every ear is unique, we offer customized bachmaier® plugs as an optional extension to the standard earplugs. These ensure an ideal fit and optimized wearing comfort.

// Sound attenuation value 30 dB
// Boom Mic for clear communication in noisy environments
// Dust, sweat and water resistant to IP56 (without boom mic: IP67) 
// Bluetooth 5.2 
// Up to 8 hours battery life

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Bluetooth hearing protection for industry and craft.

Aware Technology™ works quickly and efficiently. It provides a high level of protection within just 2 milliseconds. The ULTRACOMM Aware enables transparency and communication in the event of rapid impact or impulse noise, while providing safety in the event of persistent noise. This technology uses microphones to pick up sounds from outside and amplify them through the hearing protection - similar to a hearing aid or amplifier. At volume levels above 85 dB, such as those caused by hammer blows or circular saws, ULTRACOMM Aware automatically deactivates this function to prevent harmful noise from being transmitted through the earplugs. As soon as the noise level is safe again, the Aware technology™ reactivates and amplifies the ambient noise. The boom microphone ensures outstanding performance during phone calls and enables clear communication even in noisy environments. This product is specifically designed for professionals in noisy work environments who need hearing protection without losing awareness of their surroundings. With level-sensitive technology and a detachable boom microphone for crystal-clear phone calls, ULTRACOMM Aware keeps you connected to people near and far without removing the earbuds.

SNR Value



8 h battery life (+ 24 h in charging case)


EN 352-2 | PSA | IP56/IP67



Industry | Trade | Agriculture | Forestry


soft (silicone | lacquered)


Bluetooth 5.2 function with a range of up to 10m.


+ Aware Technology™ provides level-dependent hearing protection for greater safety and situational awareness.

+ SafeMax™ Technologie delivers exceptional quality and limits the output volume of connected devices to 82 dB.


+ strap

+ Color marking

+ customized laser marking


ISOtunes ULTRACOMM Aware | bachmaier® plugs | storage case with charging function | charging cable | manual




for sensitive ears, high seal, soft, resistant

40 Shore A | 60 Shore A*
*only available with BTE earmolds.

Regulation (EU) 2017/745-certified

As flexible as rubber.

Thanks to state-of-the-art cross-linking methods, even thin-walled earmolds can be easily processed from our silicone material. The molecular structure of the silicone guarantees high tear resistance and excellent dimensional stability. The high resistance to chemicals and environmental influences such as UV light, dirt, sweat or creams make all silicone earmolds robust and easy to care for. Easy cleaning is supported by a water and dirt-repellent surface, which is created by the reduced surface tension. Our soft silicone is biocompatible and contains no plasticizers. This makes it not only skin-friendly, but also suitable for very sensitive ears. Thanks to the elastic, soft-flexible material properties, silicone earmolds are characterized by a high level of long-term wearing comfort. Available in two degrees of hardness and ten colors.



Customized with

Because every ear is unique, we offer custom-made bachmaier® plugs as an optional upgrade to the standard earplugs. They offer the ideal solution for a secure and comfortable fit as well as optimized wearing comfort in the ear.


Sound attenuation value 3o dB SNR, ISOtunes SafeMax™ (limited volume 82 dB)
Dust, sweat and water resistant to IP56 (without boom mic: IP67)
Bluetooth 5.2 function with a range of up to 10 metres
Boom Mic for clear communication in noisy environments
Up to 8 hours of battery life + a further 24 hours in the charging case

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