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One insert part

… for all RIC models and all hearing aid manufacturers.


The ONE molding compound

unilink 3 in 1 tool

Install, remove and bond.

Quick hearing test – anytime & anywhere.

The new bachmaier® AudioPen.

bachmaier® innovations. What we are proud of.

bachmaier® minitip

A tiny earmold that packs a punch: The bachmaier® minitip. This earmold was specially developed for the barely visible Signia Silk Charge&Go IX hearing systems and offers a custom-made solution in two versions: rigid and thermo-flex.

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bachmaier® unilink insert part

unilink connects every RIC hearing aid securely and reliably to a nature® earmold, regardless of the hearing aid manufacturer. Regardless of whether S, M or P sizes are fitted - unilink always fits.

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snug-earmolds for Apple AirPods Pro

We have developed the Snug earmolds for all those whose ears are out of the norm but who don't want to do without the Apple AirPods Pro. These custom-fit earpieces are simply slipped onto the AirPods and guarantee a secure fit.

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bachmaier® comm

This monitor system, which sits unobtrusively in the ear canal, was developed for pure speech transmission even in noisy environments.

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bachmaier® cord

Quiet, comfortable and safe. Due to its hydrophobic coating and wide-mesh weave, the cord hardly develops any transmission noise. In the event of excessive tensile load, the connecting element serves as a release point.

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