1. bachmaier® work
    Robust, insensitive hearing protection with effective high-frequency attenuation for rough, damp, unclean and noisy work areas.
  2. bachmaier® fidelity
    This hearing protection enables clear and true-to-sound hearing, ensures perfect communication and protects in noisy environments.
  3. bachmaier® helmet
    This custom-made hearing protector dampens disturbing noises such as wind, but lets important traffic signals through. Ideal for helmet wearers.
  4. bachmaier® sleep
    The small, custom-made noise protection reliably reduces disturbing noises such as snoring - all without any pressure sensation while sleeping.
  5. bachmaier® silence
    This customised hearing protection for DIY projects offers reliable protection against harmful noise and guarantees pleasant wearing comfort.
  6. bachmaier® silence mini
    This small, custom-made noise shield sits inconspicuously in the ear and protects against everyday noise.
  7. bachmaier® splash
    This customised water guard with handle effectively protects against water and bacteria, keeps the ear canal dry and thus prevents inflammation.

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