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Signia Silk Charge&Go IX
Audio Service IF CIC

The new customised earmolds for the innovative Signia Silk Charge&Go IX hearing aids, the bachmaier® minitips, are specially designed to fit seamlessly into the rechargeable charging case. Easy handling and optimised wearing comfort are guaranteed. As the new standard solution for the extremely small ITE hearing systems, the minitips are available in two versions: rigid with unilink insert part and thermo-flex without insert part.

// more compact than a CIC design
// perfectly encloses the hearing aids
// suitable for the charging case
// solid hold and secure fit

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An earmold that really packs a punch.

Developed for the innovative Signia Silk Charge&Go IX hearing aids, the bachmaier® minitips fit easily into the small, rechargeable charging case. In addition to their discreet appearance, they offer easy handling and increased wearing comfort. The minitips impress with their compact design, which is even smaller than the classic CIC shape. The customised earmoulds enclose the hearing aids and at the same time offer precise cut-outs for a perfect fit and reduce contamination. Manufactured using a standardised digital process, the minitips are equipped with a standard HF4 filter and a customisable vent. The discreet earmolds ensure a secure and comfortable fit in the ear.


PU | semi-gloss

acrylate | lacquered



insert part possible


with insert part as standard


+ earwax guard

+ color marking L123456789 R123456789

+ desired laser engraving max. 11 characters




Easy to insert and remove, durable, dirt-repellent, easy to clean, break-resistant

guideline 93/42/EWG (medical device class IIa)

Clear as crystal.

This highly transparent material is processed in an energy-efficient manner using direct 3D printing and is characterized by high stability and excellent UV resistance. Earmolds made from light-curing 3D acrylate have a high elongation at break and do not become brittle. They are robust, particularly easy to care for and meet the highest aesthetic demands. Available in three colors. All rigid earmolds are ground, compacted and polished to a high gloss in our 3-stage vibratory finishing process. The homogeneous surface treatment is a process that is coordinated in detail, because our extremely break-resistant earmolds with dirt-repellent surfaces and a brilliant high-gloss finish are only created with the right setting and the perfect "recipe". The validated and standardized vibratory finishing process ensures a reproducible precision finish with high surface quality for every single earmould. A lacquered or glazed surface can be ordered as an option for an additional charge.



natural feel, permanently elastic, robust, very skin-friendly

60 Shore A (final hardness)

guideline 93/42/EWG (medical device class IIa)

As smooth as silk.

This premium material is rigid at room temperature and becomes soft and flexible when worn in the ear. As the material adapts perfectly to the ear canal in this way, a natural wearing sensation is guaranteed and pressure pain, e.g. when moving the jaw, is a problem of the past. Thanks to these permanently elastic, flexible properties, polyurethane earmolds are characterized by a very high level of long-term wearing comfort. Its resistance to UV light (no discoloration) and high tear resistance make it an extremely robust material with a long service life. Our thermo-flexible PU is biocompatible and contains no monomers. This makes it not only skin-friendly, but also suitable for sensitive ears and allergies. Available in two colors.


transparent thermo-flex
transparent thermo-flex
pink-transparent thermo-flex
pink-transparent thermo-flex

Insert part


nature® earmolds made of rigid material require an insert to fix the receiver in place. nature® made of thermo-flexible material can also be manufactured by us without an insert part, as this material can be heated and slim tubes or RICs can be placed directly into the bore. This guarantees the smallest possible size and, in combination with our standard bore (2.0 mm), creates the basis for a large number of manufacturers.


*Excluding Audio Service, Signia, Siemens and Connex Version 2.0.


We supplement our ventings with three additional options.


Additional waxing on the tragus increases the seal.

Graded (Stepvent)

Additional waxing on the tragus increases the seal.


A ventilation hole is drilled above and below the receiver hole.

Extension for all vents

With this option, the ventings can be easily enlarged during the fitting process. We place the appropriate holes in advance to simplify post-processing.


Earwax guard

The bachmaier® minitips are equipped with additional earwax guard, protect the hearing system from earwax and ensure a longer service life.

Desired laser engraving

In addition to the serial number, we engrave a name of your choice or a customised number on the earmould. Up to 11 characters are possible.

Color marking

Our earmolds are marked blue for left and red for right as standard.

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