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HEAROS Test-Set in tough PELI™ case

HS Code: 90219090

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The HEAROS test set is presented in an elegant, black PELI™ 1450EU Protector Case and offers a comprehensive selection of HEAROS models, including the test earphones PRO II, PRO III, and PRO IV. The set includes special silicone tips in two sizes as well as foam tips. With the included color rings and color discs, the design of the HEAROS faceplate, shell, and logo can be individually customized. The PELI™ 1450EU Case, known for its robustness, is waterproof, shatterproof, and dustproof, providing optimal protection for the HEAROS test models. The custom foam insert ensures secure storage and presents the in-ear headphones clearly.


  • Außenmaterial: Polypropylene
  • Schaumstoff-Material: Polyethylen DIM ZE PE 2457
  • Maße: 40,9 x 33,1 x 17,5 cm
  • Test earphone PRO II
  • Test earphone PRO III
  • Test earphone PRO IV
  • Special silicone tips (2 sizes) and foam tips (3 sizes)
  • Color rings with different colors to choose for faceplate and shell
  • Color disk with different colors for logo selection

PELI™ 1450EU Case in detail:

  • Body material: Polypropylene
  • Foam material: Polyethylen DIM ZE PE 2457
  • Dimensions: 40,9 x 33,1 x 17,5 cm
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