snug Apple AirPods

for Apple AirPods 1st + 2nd generation
for Apple EarPods from 2nd generation

The snug earmold resembles a ring and is made of rigid acrylic, which promises durability and comfort. All functions and the modern design of the Apple AirPods of the 1st and 2nd generation as well as the Apple EarPods from the 2nd generation onwards are retained with the snug earmolds. The individually manufactured earmolds fit the Apple AirPods like a glove in the ears: No annoying squeezing and no falling out. Thanks to the innovative click system, the snug earmolds can be attached to the Apple AirPods quickly and easily.

// Recess for the sensors
// All AirPods functions are retained
// Improved sound quality
// Open receiver system - no compartmentalization
// uncomplicated handling

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snug. A new approach to earmolds.

The Apple AirPods offer an outstanding wireless headphone experience with maximum freedom of movement. They work flawlessly for most users. However, for those who are not up to standard, there may be issues such as pressure points or lack of fit. For such cases, we have developed the snug earmolds. These custom-made earpieces can be easily attached to the AirPods and ensure a secure fit as they hug the ear perfectly.


Apple AirPods
1st + 2nd generation

Apple EarPods
from 2nd generation


rigid (acrylic 3D | polished)


Instead of a full-surface silicone cover, we use an extremely reduced design with an innovative click system for our snug earmold.


+ left / right marking
+ desired laser marking




rigit matt


easy to fit and remove, durable, dirt-repellent, easy to clean

Directive 93/42/EEC (medical device class IIa)

Clear like crystal.

This material is moulded energy-efficiently using direct 3D printing and is characterised by high stability and excellent UV resistance. Earmolds made of light-curing acrylate have a high elongation at break and do not become brittle. Rigid earmoulds are not only of the highest aesthetic standard, but are also robust, easy to clean and easy to maintain. Available for Apple AirPods in black, white and transparent and for Apple AirPods Pro in black. Vibra-polished or high-gloss surface (standard) All rigid earmolds are compacted, ground and polished in our 3-step vibra-polishing process as standard. This homogeneous surface treatment is a process specially adapted to our material, because only the right setting and the perfect "recipe" create extremely break-proof, dirt-repellent surfaces and a high-quality polish with a brilliant high-gloss finish. Thanks to standardisation in terms of deburring/rounding of edges and transitions, mass finishing ensures an outstanding precision finish and a high surface quality. Refinishing is very straightforward using conventional tools and aids on site - restoring the original polish is therefore possible without great effort.


white (standard)
white (standard)

How to click

The AirPod is simply clicked into the specially designed ring. In this way, the earmold fits perfectly around the earpiece and is firmly fixed in place. An additional sealing ring ensures a 100% seal at the sound outlet.

Snug it, Baby!
Die Snug Otoplastik für Apple AirPods.
Click & Play
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