Cable Linum G2 BaX T2 // black

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Cable Linum G2 BaX T2 // black


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The Linum BaX T2 cable in black, suitable for in-ear monitor systems and headphones with detachable cables, stands out for its durability and high-quality design that exceeds even the highest expectations. Thanks to its extremely thin yet robust construction, this cable ensures clear and undistorted sound transmission for an authentic listening experience. The technology integrated into the cable reduces or eliminates unwanted noise that can occur from friction against clothing, thus allowing for an uninterrupted music enjoyment. The Linum BaX T2 is not only ultra-light and flexible, but also comfortable. It feels soft on the skin and does not cause discomfort even after prolonged wear. Additionally, the cable is corrosion-resistant, retains its deep black color without discoloring ("greening"), and is UV-stabilized.


  • Color: Black
  • Length: 127 cm (from Y: 40 cm)
  • 3.5 mm jack plug, gold-plated
  • T2 plug with marking red (right) + black (left)
  • Sealed connector system (> Weld and corrosion resistant)
  • Detachable
  • Back of head fastening by clamping slider
  • Suitable for all HEAROS (produced from 15.11.2018)

Technical details

  • Cable Type: es-Linum® UV-stabilized TPA
  • Conductor Material: Silver-Plated Copper Strands
  • Metal Parts: Brass - Nickel / Gold-Plated
  • Plastic Parts: PA66, ABS and LCP
  • DC Impedance: 1.5 Ω
  • Mass: 5 - 6 g
  • Cable Diameter: ø 2 x 0.9 mm
  • Construction: Double Twist / 84 Strands
  • High Tensile Strength (Aramid Fibres): 60 N
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